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We are a company into providing MLM scripts for many years now. We have seen this industry start, grow and boom beyond imagination. What started as an experimenting marketing strategy has become so successful that people are ready to grab at this opportunity when available. If you are into the multi level marketing business, you need to keep track of all your sales diligently. One can never judge how many recruits will be there in a month. Similarly one can never judge if the recruit will sell and meet the target or just disappear. Hence one needs to keep a close watch on each person’s sales. When this business is done online, you need reliable MLM scripts that allow you to track various aspects in the business. Apart from tracking the number of recruits and how much they sell, one also needs to keep track of various packages, the number of people who join the package, the number of people who deliver as promised, etc, etc.

How It Works

When you have an online MLM script, you can create packages for your recruits and other buyers to buy. When a person you recommend visits the website and buys, they will enter your name as a referral. Then they become a member. When someone recommended by them visits the page and buys, they also become a member and a percentage of their purchase is credited to the account of your recruit, and you. This goes on. With every sale made on the website where your name or one of your down line’s names is referred, you earn a commission. This amount is fixed by the admin. Hence it is all automated and the admin or website owner need not sit and calculate every single time.
Our scripts help you make these calculations easily and avoid any confusion that can arise when details are not accounted for properly. The cost of our packages depends upon the number of features you choose and the number of parameters you want to track.